During the technical setup of your Apple app, you need to Setup your App Store Connect Api Key. After that you need to connect your AppMachine app to an Apple App Store connect app. 

AppMachine will help you to create 

  • a Apple App Bundle identifier first
  • so that you can create a Apple App Store Connect app afterwards.

You have now uploaded your Api keys following the guidelines in this article.


  1. Now you are ready to create you App in the App Store Connect portal. Click the button with that name to see how that works.

  2. That button will open this article. Follow those instructions. 
  3. After you have followed the instructions in that article to create your app at the Apple App Store connect portal. You go back to Appmachine
  4. Click Continue in this screen
  5. you will see the screen below:
    Based on your situation you need to make a different choice: 
    1. new app: if you don't have any apps on your developer account yet, click the Create new App Bundle Identifier button as the first step so that you can use that to create a new Apple App Store Connect App in the next step.
      you will see this page. Follow the instruction behind the big blue button
    2. link app: if you  already started creating your app at Apple, but you still need to link the app to AppMachine, select the app from the app list 
    3. update existing app in the app store. if you want to start using the new publishing for app which is already in the App store, a.k.a. as an update of an existing app, select the app from the applist