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Update 2016-08-25

We released small update for the Designer, with a few small fixes than can have a big impact on your Pro app(s).

Date Picker with custom formats
We added the option to add a custom format on any date type.
This means you can combine different types to create you own custom date type.
The syntax should something like this:

displayFormat="dd, MM, yyyy, HH:mm"

Visit this article to see the format possibilities:

Good to know: A Store Update is required to get this in your live app, contact for more information.

Support for dynamic variables

We implemented one of the most frequently asked features in the Webservice block : support for the usage of dynamic variables. This means that you can now execute a webservice, and use Set property to store a value in the propertyname of the current record. Then, you can use {script:propertyname} to retrieve the property.

Submenus within a submenus

There was a limitation on the amount of submenus within submenus you could have due to the fact that there was not enough space. Although we wouldn't advise it, you can add as many submenus as needed. 










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