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Update 2016-08-05

Form Pro block
- We added the option to send an image (if image picker is used) as an attachment to the receiver instead of sending a url. This can be enabled/disabled in the designer.

- The location picker didn’t send the correct latitude and longitude when sent from Android.  

User registration
After disabling User Registration; the setting “Users need to login is before they can use the app” was still enabled. This lead to strange behaviour in the Mobile app. In this release we made sure that both settings are disabled.

User Registration Data
Age and Gender are saved but not visible in the Designer, now the age and gender are visible as entered by the user.

Google Spreadsheets in Webservices
Connecting to Google Spreadsheets contained a bug which lead to a empty screen.


User registration
After registering with Facebook the app didn’t reload the view, which made it unclear that the registration was successful. Now the view reloads properly and the user can continue using the app.

Enterprise apps
When your app is published as an Enterprise app we don't show the Share button any longer.

Video Sharing
The video url that users can share was unusable. This bug only appeared when using Manual videos.

Route Button
The Route button was always shown, even though there was no address data available. Now the button is hidden.

Enable/Disable blocks
The reseller can decide which blocks are visible/invisible for his client. Keep in mind that not all blocks are available. Blocks that have no purpose to be available in the CMS (for example: Twitter, Facebook, etc.) remain invisible.

Login screen Reseller CMS
The login screen of the Reseller CMS is also translated, we added a language selector so that users can change the language if needed.


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