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Update 2016-07-01

We just rolled out an update with some small improvements for the Designer and the Mobile applications.

The primary goal of this release was to improve the speed and stability of our software.

Several users reported issues with our Push Message service. In order to resolve this, we have been updating and rewriting parts of the code, and we expect to have all the issues addressed with this update.

Should you still experience issues with Push Messages please contact us at, and include the following detailed information:

  • When did you send the message?
  • On which platform are you experiencing the problem?
  • Was it a scheduled push, a personal push, a category push etc..
  • If possible, send us the ‘I Need Support’ email so we can analyze your logs.

Designer changes:

  • The 'Save' button now appears when adding a URL in the text editor (this applies to all blocks that have a text editor.)
  • 'GEO Push' updates the location when opening the app for the 2nd time.
  • Sometimes the 'Save' and 'Add' button could overlap each other.
  • The 'URL field' which belongs to the Top Image was always visible, also when the 'Top Image' is not available in a block.

Mobile changes:

  • 'Category Push' lost its preferences after sending a content update to the app. 
  • 'Push Message' on/off switch is now always green/grey for better contrast.
  • 'Loyalty card' Terms and Conditions didn’t show in the app.
  • On Android, Youtube videos did not always show when opening a video.
  • On iPhone, the Youtube playlist re-loaded after scrolling down.

(For these fixes a Store Update is required.)


Reseller CMS changes:

  • On smaller screens the User Table was too small, we made it bigger so a user can scroll. 
  • The Image Editor displayed an error when trying to edit an image.
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