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AppMachine API - Step 13: Showing the Wish List in the App

Previous steps taken

  • Connected our columns from our wish list data store to the fields from the Excel
  • Connected item_color & item_size through Set Property in the Logic tab

Step 13: Showing our wish list in the app

First you have to add some items to your wish list, so go and add some items to your wish list.

Step 1: Add another web service block and choose the “Get” Returns data from a data store

Step 2: Fill in the name of your data store ( we’ve called it “wishlist” remember? )

Click finish, give the block a name and we see the items returned from our data store (You have to add items first of course :))

At first you will get ALL the items in that data store, but we don’t want that. We want only the items for the logged in user to show, so how do we do that?

  • Go to your Wish list block



  • Click on the dataprovider dots

  • Add to the “where” the following: email == {user:email}'

This will only get the items from the data store from our logged in user

Step 3: Build your layout for the wish list

As you can see, on our account we have 2 items in the wish list.


  • Added the (GET) web service for getting data from our “wishlist” data store
  • Filtered the data that it will only shows the current user their wish list items
  • Made a layout for the wish list view.

This concludes our tutorial.

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