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AppMachine API - Step 6-8: Edit Profile

Previous steps taken

  • We’ve built a profile form
  • (POST) Added a profile to our data store “customers” with the AppMachine API
  • (GET) Got all the data back from the data store “customers”
  • Filtered all the data with the “where” condition to only get the data from the currently logged in user.
  • Created a profile screen to show the currently logged in user their profile

Step 6: Let the user edit/update their profile

Maybe you want your users to update information in their profile. So how do we do that?

  • Add another Web Service block
  • Select AppMachine as the provider
  • Select “PUT - Updates data in a data store

  • Fill in the name of your datastore (customers) and select the “id” from our user from the dropdown. (in this case it’s “Make Profile → id”). AppMachine will use the “internal name” of our web service. in this case it will be shown as {Dataprovider7._id}.

  • You will have to fill in at least one field in order for the web service to be executed. I picked the first field in our data store and this is “firstName”
  • Click Next and you will see that the web service executed successfully.
  • This is very important that the output state "true". If you get "false" you Object ID you have selected is wrong and you should re-check. The web service will not work if you continue.

  • Name your block “Edit Profile” and click Finish

  • If you have not done this already, drag this block under the “info” block of “My Profile”.


Step 7: Connecting the Edit Profile button in the profile screen

  • Connect the Edit Profile button in the “My Profile → Info” block.
  • Go to the Logic tab in the Info block of “My Profile”

  • Click on the EditProfileBtn.Click and select the Goto option.

  • Select the Edit Profile Block from the dropdown and click Finish

  • You can make your form the way you want to. Ours looks like this.


Step 8: Show the current profile

You can add text fields and connect the fields to show the user data like this.

You can repeat these steps for every field you have.


  • (PUT) Added the web service for updating the user their profile
  • Connected the correct id from the datastore so we will update the current user their profile
  • Connected the “Edit profile” button in the “info” block of “My Profile” block to go to the “Edit Profile” block in the Logic tab
  • Made a layout for the Edit Profile block and show the current profile data.
  • Next step is to actually update the new profile info back to the data store.



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    I can't get the profile to edit and the image doesn't show up just a blank space on the profile. Please help

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