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AppMachine API - Step 1-3: User Authentication & Adding Data Store

Step 1: User Authentication

We want to let the user register for the app so that we can connect their email with the AppMachine API.

  • Go to the "user" tab

  • Select your providers

  • Check the box

Step 2: User Profile screen

The user has to register a profile so that we connect that user with the AppMachine API.

  • Add a Web Service block

  • Select AppMachine as a Provider

  • Select POST Add data to a data store

  • Create your “data store” name with records

    In this case we named the data store “customers” and some general info fields for making a profile for the user

We already connected the “email” field to the registered user with {user:email}. So the email address with which the users has registered in our app will be “inserted” in the AppMachine datastore. This way we know which user is making a profile.

  • Click Next and Finish

           “Make profile” is the name we gave the web service with below the fields.

*Note - don't use "name" as a field, but "firstname" or something like that, because the "name" field is reserved for us internally as the "datastore" name.

AppMachine automatically makes a form view for you. You can tweak this later of course.


Step 3: Check if the “Customers” Data store is added

  • Go to the Developer tab

  • Custom ObjectsCustomers.

When you click on the customers you will see all the fields we just created.


  • Added User authentication
  • Added web service for creating a profile
  • Already connected the {user:email} to the profile web service so that the email address, which the user has registered with, will be send to the API when they make a profile.
  • Checked if everything is setup right( Form / Developer tab → Custom Objects )
  • Next step is Showing the user profile they just created with our form.
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