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AppMachine API - Tutorial Overview

For whom is this tutorial?

For anyone who wants to create a data store containing their own info and connecting the data with individual users that are logged in to their app in order to show personal content.


We've written this tutorial in a pretty straight forward manner so that anyone with some experience in building forms and using web services in AppMachine can follow it. It’s a long tutorial that covers almost everything regarding the AppMachine API and the different options of the REST web service (GET / POST / PUT). We've intentionally left the DELETE option out of this tutorial, since this is not yet 100% available at this time.

What are we going to build?

We are going to make a shop app where users can make/update a profile and add items to their wish list. We’ve split this tutorial into several chapters.


API - Step 1-3

User Authentication & Adding Data Store For Storing Our User Profiles


API - Step 10

Show Data &

Make a Wish List

API - Step 4-5

Building Profile Form


API - Step 11-12

Connecting Products To Wish List Web Service

API - Step 6-8

Edit Profile


API - Step 13

Showing Wish List In The App

API - Step 9

Update Profile



We will make use of:


User Authentication


Web Service Blocks

AppMachine API


Set Property / Web Service / Go To / Show Message / actions in the Logic Tab

Excel Blocks



Things used in this tutorial:

  • Demo App: Shoppix
  • Excel file for the data for our shop
  • Free stock images

The Shop layout


The Wish List


The Data


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