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Update 2016-04-07



See technical block name:
You can see the technical block name of any block in the block tree by hovering over the block with your cursor.
This helps you to, for example, identify block names when linking from one block to another block.

In this app "pdf1" is the block name of the first pdf block.

A text “Tap here to read all our catalogues.”
Can be changed to:
“Tap <a href="block://pdf1">here</a> to read our catalogues

Top image with url:
The top image can be used to open a url or link to another block. This will give you the ability to advertise.

!Important: Store update is required. This will automatically be triggered when you update your app. For questions please send a message to with the 0000XX app number.

Maximum amount of blocks:
To prevent app builders from making their apps too big, the "Add Block" Wizard will show a warning when the amount of blocks exceeds 200. 

At 300 blocks the wizard will be temporarily blocked. At this point it is may be better to consider the Pro version and put your data in excel and re-use blocks.

Read here how to combine excel sheet data with yellow blocks.

If you for some reason need to add a few more blocks please send a message to with your (0000XX) app number.

Fixes for the Designer (

- Search in data tables: In some of our blocks we use a grid to store the data (e.g. Users, Blog or our Pro blocks.) We expanded the search feature so it will search in the complete database of that block. In the previous version it could only search in the current tab selected.

- App Dashboard: The analytics widget was broken but has now been fixed.

- Checkout block: The speed of loading all orders made has been improved.


Reseller CMS


Import Excel file:
Clients can import/replace the Excel file without the help of a Reseller.

!Important: Just as in the designer, the structure of the Excel cannot be different from the exported Excel file. This will make the data corrupt.


User Table with Add buton:
Your clients can create new app users to the app themselves and give them a certain role.

Checkout block available:
As of now the Checkout block is made available for clients.


Fixes for the Reseller CMS:
- Russian translations have been added

- Web Page block URL field was invisible and has now been set to visible




Add to cart button in list view:
Products block now show a “Add to cart” directly in the List. This way you can add a product to your cart directly from the list so you can continue shopping.
By default the setting is turned off. Go to the Settings in the Products block to enable this feature.

!Important: Store update is required. This will automatically be triggered when you update your app. For questions please send a message to with the 0000XX app number.

YouTube Pagination:
Pagination has been added to all YouTube blocks. This allows the user to see more than 50 videos. It will load more videos when scrolled to the bottom of the list.


Fixes for the Mobile Apps:
- Android: Save photo from Javascript block could let the app crash. This has been resolved

- Android: Share Event was missing the url when connected with Google Calender

- iOS: The PDF didn’t show correctly when the block was found within a Submenu block. 

- Multilingual bug: In some rare cases, translations got mixed up.

- Coupon block: Added French language

- Coupon block: Changed the design a bit to make the text look better.

- (PRO) QR Scanner: Added option to resolve {user:email} from URL

- (PRO) QR Scanner: Filter on URLs when the URL contained http:// or https:// prevented the app from opening the right view. Instead it opened the URL.

- Login screen: The font of the password field was different than email field.


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