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Update 2016-10-18


App users:

** NEW **

- We implemented a new way of looking at your app users. You can review push messages which have been sent to your user, and also get more information about Loyalty features.

You can now send a Push message to an individual user. This feature has also been added to the API, please refer to the "Pro" release notes :

You can check if a user has been redeeming loyalty awards from your app :

We also fixed some bugs in showing personal push messages, gender and age.

- User registration: the "Why user should login?" -text was not multilingual.
- The Appsite of your app now shows the complete app description text instead of truncating it to a maximum of 3 lines.

- Form : Drop down control data can be be read and used in setProperty.


Upon popular request, we added several new ways to interact with your users through our API. It's now possible to target your users individually (or in a group) with a push message. You can request your active users, and use your own segmentation to filter out the user(s) you want to send a push message. 

- Call the AM API to retrieve all devices which have registered for push notifications.
- Call the AM API to retrieve the ID's of a specific user (based on e-mail address).
- Call the AM API to retrieve all registered devices of a specific user (useful if you use external Push services).
- Send the ID of a user to the AM API in order to send a push message.

If you have a live app in the Store(s), you can also send individual push messages through our new "Users" section :

Please refer to the API documentation if you want to start using this new feature.

Mobile Fixes:


- Border radius support for images has been added. 
- HTML tags were shown in the photos manual list instead of the description text.
- Title in top navigation bar was broken in some blocks.
- In some situations, the Lock block opened the 2nd view after unlocking instead of the 1st view.
- Pro : the performance of sorting a datalist has been significantly improved


- iPad: Topimage is now shown correctly, it was cut off in the previous situation.
- Form Pro: Map view is visible on iOS again.

General :

- News block sorting: In some occasions sorting of the items didn't work, now it sorts with the newest article on top unless you manually change it.
- PDF block : Screen orientation (portrait / landscape) is added when viewing a pdf file.
- Some of the fields in the Checkout block had some missing watermarks.
- App crashes when a user didn't enter any information in the pickup/delivery fields in the Checkout block.
- Form: Image picker always cropped the image, we removed the cropper.


- Web services: When using your own web service for login the app didn't reload the view after a failed login.
- There was a bug in the "screen.SkipScreenOnBackNavigation" parameter that lead to an empty view.

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