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Update 2017-01-11


New features:

** Loyalty Block: **

The Loyalty Block has been enhanced with features that will enable you to monitor and track the transactions of your customers, and employees.

In order to make use of this new feature, the new user table is now available in White Label CMS. 

Export app user list

Your client can now export your app user list to CSV, for further processing. You can also check the total amount of points that have been assigned to a specific user. 


Check points history per user

You can now check the history of a specific user as well, through the user detail overview. 


Monitor the most recent transactions

With the new 'Transactions' tab, you can monitor the most recent (500) transactions that have been performed by your customers and employees.


** RSS Block: **

Two new options were added:

 - 'Disable read more': If you don't want to display the 'More' button, you can now disable this.
 - 'Open read more external': You can change the behaviour of the 'More' button, and open an article in the default browser of your smartphone.


** Pro: **

New Push additions - send push to groups and users registered outside of AppMachine.

  • Push notifications can now be sent based on a device token. This means push notifications can be targeted to a specific user's device(s).
  • Push notifications can now be sent to user groups.



Designer updates / fixes:


- The following currencies have been added to the Checkout block:

  • Thai Baht
  • Philippine Peso
  • New Taiwan Dollar

- It is now possible to add multiple, comma separated, email addresses to the Email block.



- iPhone simulators have been updated from iOS 6.x to iOS 10.x.



- Several new skins and icon sets have been added to the designer.



- An issue in the GoTo logic action on iOS 10 devices has been fixed.
- An issue in downloading the 'Get Started' demo files of a JavaScript block has been fixed.
- An issue when importing data from Excel sheets in the Blog (News - Manual) block has been fixed.
- An issue in the connection between two sheets within the Data tab of the Excel block has been fixed.
- It is now possible to separate Longitude and Latitude in the Form block by using a semicolon (;).
- It is now possible to set a limit to the amount of points that can be awarded in the Loyalty block.



Mobile updates / fixes:


- Overall support for the latest iOS and Android versions has been improved.
- PDF files within the app are now shareable.



- Android app permissions are now dependant of the apps content instead of overall platform functionality. In addition, the implementation of Android push notification services has been updated, reducing the apps’ required permissions.
- A change password button is now available for registered app users.
- An issue with the App Previewer's search bar has been fixed.
- The loyalty card's history is now visible.



- Privacy setting texts have been improved/enhanced. A short explanation as to why a certain permission is required by the app has been added.
- The QR code scanner is now full screen.
- An issue with the Video block has been fixed.
- An issue with sorting / ordering tracks in the Discography block has been fixed, tracks are now displayed in the correct order.
- An issue in the Products block where users would no longer see their selected item when switching to landscape mode has been fixed.



- An issue with posting a Form to the AppMachine datastore on Android devices has been fixed.
- An indexing error in the PUT function of web services has been fixed.
- An issue in pagination of web services has been fixed.
- The title entered in the logic action 'share', is now properly displayed in the navigation bar of the share view on mobile devices.
- A currency separator has been added to item templates, making large numbers more readable.
- The view of the PDF block on iPad devices has been enlarged, making PDF files more readable.
- A location picker is now available in the Form block.
- Labels are no longer included in the Form sent from mobile devices when the 'include label' option has been unchecked.
- Lookups / dropdowns in the Form beta block now correctly pickup color changes in the design settings of your app.








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