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Addendum: Designer Update 2015-06-05

In our efforts to continually improve the AppMachine platform, our most recent software release featured certain changes to blocks many of our users have come to know and love. It seems that the bulleted release notes may not have described these changes in enough detail. What follows is an outline of a few specific changes made to the platform in the last release. 

UPDATE (6/15/2015): We've taken your feedback to heart and will be restoring the YouTube and Discography blocks to include some of the original features. We are aiming to release our updated software June 20th or 21st.

Video > YouTube

Prior to Update:
YouTube Channels linked to the Video block loaded videos exclusively from the “User Uploads” playlist. This is the playlist where videos uploaded by the YouTube Channel user were placed. Users could manually choose to show all the playlists available for that YouTube Channel. 

After Recent Update:
All the playlists of a given YouTube Channel (including the “User Uploads” playlist) are now shown in a Video > YouTube block.

Users are no longer required to create a new block when they create a new playlist in their Channel. This new playlist will automatically be loaded into the Video > YouTube block. 

Discography > iTunes

Prior to Update:
When our app builders added a Discography block to their app and selected the albums they wanted to display in the app, these albums (and only these albums) were loaded into the Discography block in the app. Ultimately, this meant that there was no live connection with iTunes. New albums needed to be added manually. 

After Recent Update:
The block now features a live link with iTunes. All albums from a chosen artist are shown in the app and new albums are added to the app automatically. 

New albums are automatically added to the app without the need for an update or for you, the app builders, to worry about missing an albums release.  


Prior to Update:
It was possible to include multiple sources of images within the same Photo block. AppMachine then generated a list that showed the different sources. App builders had no influence over the design of this list. Flickr photos were linked to our server and updated on a daily basis. 

After Recent Update:
It is now no longer possible to add multiple sources within the same Photo block. Each Photo block now only supports one data source. To achieve a similar result as was previously possible, you can now gather these individually sourced Photo blocks within a Submenu block. 

Because the Photo blocks are now contained within a Submenu block, you now have the freedom to design and style these lists of Photo blocks any way you like. Flickr albums are no longer updated on a daily basis but are now connected with a live link to Flickr. 


The List block forms the first part (screen) of AppMachine’s Excel and Web Services blocks. Those of you with Pro blocks in your app(s) may have noticed an update prompt due to changes in the List block. The reason that we recommend updating this block is due to crucial performance fixes that have been made since the last release of the AppMachine platform.

* * * * 

If you have any questions about these recent changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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