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Create Categories for Push Messages

AppMachine has made it easy for you to send your users push messages. It is now also possible to create specific categories for your push messages. Users can subscribe to the different categories of push messages so that they only receive those messages that they are interested in.  

How to create categories for push messages

  1. Go to and select the app for which you wish to create push message categories.
  2. Go to the Push Message section in the left vertical menu and click on the "Categories" tab. Click on "Add." 
  3. Create a category. This will be one of the categories that users will be able to subscribe to.

How to send a push message for a specific category

You can send a push message for a specific category by selecting this category during the creation of the push message. Go to, open your app and select the Push Message section in the left vertical menu. When writing a new push message, you will see that there is a category field under the text field. 

Select the desired category here. You can only choose one category at a time. 


How do app users subscribe and unsubscribe from these categories?

In the live app, users can click on the information icon in the top right corner of your home screen and select the "Settings" option. In this screen, users can subscribe and unsubscribe from the various categories you've created. Please remember that users need to subscribe themselves to a category before they can receive category push messages. 

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