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Update Designer 2015-06-05

Push messages:

  • GEO Push > Send Push message to users in a region
  • Category Push > Send push message to a category
  • Personal Push > Send push message to a single user
  • Push Block > Only shows messages that user should’ve received


  • Client CMS > User table now available in Client CMS


  • User Table > Export user list to excel now available
  • Logic (pro) > Call function is fixed
  • Webservices > Fixed several bugs for webservice settings
  • Developer > 2 new APIs available for Push and Data

New blocks:

  • News block > Released from beta. Add your own articles 
  • Settings block > Released from beta.
  • New block > Business hours added to PLUS blocks


  • Analytics > Fixed a bug in Popular Blocks view
  • POI Block > 2 similar addresses shows 2 pins
  • Multilingual > Fixed a bug for Multilingual apps and custom design
  • Zoom level > More accurate options added
  • Photos > Tumblr added
  • Events > Meetup and Eventful added as a datasource
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