Is there a chat feature available in AppMachine?




  • Calvin

    My top request! Please do this!!!

  • Vivedesigns

    My top request 2

  • Douglas

    My top request 3

  • Ted Edwards

    or mini social network type block

  • Armani Rouse

    The mini social network block is what Im looking for as well, thwe messaging block currently established is cool but there should be a way that users can just post things and have others comment and like. And app machine can change the DIY app builder game if they made the block to enable MP3 uploads and video. Clearly there is a much need for this app machine team :)

  • Rabih Kassab

    Please do so. top

  • Shivam Parikh

    I am curious to ask why there is a screen shot in the app machine module of settings showing this then.

  • Thomas W.

    @Shivam: There is a Chat block in an internal beta. There is still some development to be done. There is currently no set release date for this feature.


    My top request 4

  • Jeffthegeek

    any word on this? I have a possible client requesting the ability for a chat or forum. I would love to impliment it into another app I developed on here too.

  • Igor Lawrence

    Any news about chat feature or related possibility of clients interacion? As a group of discussion on app

  • Tara Landis

    Any update on adding a chat feature?

  • Blakecbrewer


  • Matt Hickman-Reed

    Hi Thomas,


    How are you?


    Can you give an update to this awesome-sauce feature... we all are waiting for?

    How's it been going in Beta?




  • bam

    Guys, I think there is a workaround for the chat block... try using a webservice block and with some twists, it can work fine.

    I have not finished it yet but it seems to work... I'll try to put more details when it's done.


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