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Update Designer 2015-02-12

These fixes/changes involve the AppMachine CMS website.

  • New login page: Our login page is updated to a new and fresh style. We will update this new styling on our other products as well later this year.
  • Moved the support options on the dashboard: The links to our Help Center, Support Desk and Chat are now combined under the 'Life Preserver' button on the top right corner.
  • Improved Liveview: We have made enhancements to the connection between the app previewer and the AppMachine CMS, which should result in improved stability.
  • Save button is visible when using the text editor: The 'Save' button now appears when editing the HTML in any block that contains a text editor.
  • Top Image available when using a List Menu: When using the navigation style 'List Menu', the top image stays visible.
  • Animated splash screen is deprecated: The animated splash screen has been deprecated since the release of iPhone 6 and 6+. You are not able to upload an animated splash screen anymore. If your app still uses an animated splash screen, please contact us at for more information.
  • Improved Analytics view: Minor changes were made to the Analytics dashboard, which should improve the readability.


These fixes/changes involve the reseller CMS

  • News block in Beta tab, now available: When using the News block from the beta-block in the add block wizard, clients can now add new articles through the white label CMS. Select 'AppMachine CMS' as the datasource when adding this block to your app.
  • Adding photo and video albums: Fixed the problem of an AppMachine image that was being shown for empty records, after adding a Photo or Video block.



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