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Add a Launch Image / Splash screen

A splashscreen is an image that is displayed when your app is opened. It is a nice way to inform users of the loading process while the app is opening. 

How to add the splashscreen:

  1. Open your app and navigate to the Publish section.
  2. Open the App Vitals section by clicking on "More"

  3. Upload your splashscreen images by clicking on the "+" placeholders under "Splashscreen"

NOTE: To change the splashscreens of your app a store update is required.  

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  • Avatar
    Jayna Dave

    Thank you for the help but we are not able to preview the splash screen ? can you please help me with it

  • Avatar
    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Jayna: It is not possible to preview a splashscreen. These are only available once the app is published.