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Enable mailing notes using the Form (Beta) block

With the Form (Beta) block it is possible to make a note block so that a note can be sent to a selected recipient.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Add a 'Form (beta)' block to your app

2. Add a text box to the block where users can enter the intended recipient's email address. In the example below, we've named this field "mail1".


3. Add a text area to this screen. This is where the user will add their notes.In the example below, we've named this field "notes1".

4. To make sure the notes are sent to the recipient you will need to add some Logic to this block. Save your changes and go to the Logic tab.

Select the option.

5. This Logic function already contains an action. You will need to delete this using the "Delete" button.

Click on the "+" button to add a new action. Choose the "Email" action.


6. In the next screen, copy the following values into the appropriate fields. Remember that in our example we've named the fields email1 (for email) and notes1 (for notes). 


7. Save your changes. The Notes form is now ready to be used!




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    Matthijs Koopman

    [DUTCH] @Harry,
    Dat klopt, wij kunnen niet rechtstreeks via de email van de gebruiker een mail versturen. Daarom vullen we het email scherm al vast van te voren in. Dan hoeft de gebruiker alleen nog maar op verzenden te klikken.