Is there a login feature available in the AppMachine platform?




  • Louise van Loo

    How is this feature coming along? Really need this feature..
    Please let me know when we can expect it :)

  • Mike West

    Any idea when this will be ready... We really need this, please :)

  • Chris Basista

    Would love an update on this. Looking forward to implementing and finally launching our app, since our app will be based around individual user accounts! :)

  • Jay Wirth

    Any updates on this feature?

  • Enrique Bernal

    I am waiting for this feature in order to buy AppMachine...
    Any updates on this feature?

  • Stefan Warries


    We have an update about these 4 features:
    A) Logging in is possible but not documented yet. When adding a custom webservice (POST/GET) you are able to enter extra parameters which helps you retrieve specific data from your own webservice.

    B) User registration can be found in the left menu. When enabled you can decide how people can login or register (registerring is optional). In the bottom you can find a setting which forces users to login/register before they can use the app. If you use this please don't forget to create 1 demo account for Apple Review. The demo account can be created in the App User tab in the User Registration view. The credentials for Apple must be filled in in the Publish page.

    C) Access Management is not available yet.

    D) If the App owner is logged in to the app they can be upgraded to a role called Boss. If so they can send push messages from the app.

    Send push from app:
    Personal Push:

    Stefan Warries, AppMachine

  • Jean-Christophe Mazoyer

    Any idea when Access Management will be available? Giving the opportunity to users register themselves by mail is great especially because you cannot import a list of users from csv files for example but they are immediatly granted privileges to see the whole app before someone from the admin side give them the correct accesss or deny them.
    This is a problem for enterprises app when we want only employees or group of employees to be able to register for example.
    Many regards
    Jean-Christophe Mazoyer

  • Rover

    Is there an ETA on Access Managment? We absolutely need this for a project we need to get going ASAP. Would LOVE to use AppMachine...this is the only thing holding us back at this point.

  • WeAreTheCity HQ

    Hello, I love appmachine, but am now restricted in building my next set of apps due to no access management. Any ideas when it will come available? Many thanks

  • Michael Barrett

    We're in the same boat as the above. We're unable to easily manage access to the app without the ability to create a new account without first going through a registration process. It's one of the few things stopping us from taking this app to our dealer network.

  • Michael Barrett

    Perhaps i'm looking at this the wrong way... actually, being able to authenticate with AD / ADFS instead is where i need to end up in the short to mid-term in terms of registration, granting / revoking app access. Can anyone help with this?

  • Rabih Kassab

    Love AppMachine, please fix the bugs for the block Users, manager can change the role of Boss, employee can also change the role of/to Boss.

  • Bobby Ambrose

    This feature is useless when it comes to IOS cause apple will reject the app.

  • Thomas W.

    @Bobby: This is only the case if you make user registration in the app a requirement before users can access all the app's content.

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