How do I publish an app in Apple’s App Store?




  • Kagiso

    I ahve been using your Appmachine platform for some time and ready to launch my App. Are you not able to submit the app on my behalf to App stores. Using your Google and Apple developer lisences?

  • Thomas W.

    AppMachine can't submit apps on your behalf under our developer licenses.

  • Louise Nielson

    I want to build an app thru app machine, and have no issue buying the Google & Apple licenses, but reading the Apple Developer fine print it says I need you must use a macintosh computer (at some point during the submission to apple process). Is there a way around this if I build the app thru you? I use a pc.

  • Thomas W.

    @Louise: This will not affect your ability to submit your app to the app stores.

  • Del Tandhoson

    i want to charge customers for my app on the app store upon completion, how do i go about doing so?

  • Thomas W.

    @Del: Please read the information available here:

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