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Can I download the .apk or .ipa file to test my app?

It is not possible to download the .apk file of your app for test purposes.

You can test your app by downloading the AppMachine Previewer app from the app stores using this link

The code we use to build your app is the same code we use for the app previewer. So your app will look the same as the one shown in the app previewer, just without the login of the previewer.

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    Armani Rouse

    If one wanted to take their app machine app elsewhere is the source code provided to do so? Im almost certain after reading responses from other post that this is not possible but it never hurts to ask!

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    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Armani: No, the source code will not be provided in these cases.

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    This only works if you have both Android and Apple device...What is you only have 1 and want to test the other...

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    Thomas Wielemaker

    @Vivedesigns: AppMachine offers a iOS simulator in the design environment. We will not be offering an Android or Windows Phone simulator. Being able to download the .ipa or .apk file would not resolve this issue either.