When will the iPad and HTML5 versions be available?




  • Katy Gamble

    The current design of my app will only allow me to purchase the Plus plan. I need to have an ipad app which requires Pro plan. How do I do this? Do do I buy Plus for now (a year subscription) but can upgrade to Pro when ipad is supported?

  • Thomas W.

    Hello Katy,

    Once iPad support becomes available, you will be able to upgrade your app to the Pro plan.

  • josie.wilson

    When will the HTML 5 site be live?

  • fleur vander laan

    Hi Josie, this will take a while. Is it okay that we contact you this Monday?

  • josie.wilson

    Is there any update on when these will be available?

  • George Musulira

    I am new to this, just launched my apps, I am receiving some issues with people trying to install my app on iPad.
    e.g from a user:
    "I've installed your new R Radio App on my iPad (v4. IOS 9.3.2) and it looks brilliant. However, after a few minutes of use it has gone bananas. It keeps on saying 'Downloading update' then a few seconds later 'Processing update' on its top bar, then repeating all the time. I've tried quitting the App and restarting it but the same thing happens, making it unusable at the moment. Hoping you can get it fixed."

    My Question:
    I notice that a few months have passed since this thread was created, do Appmachine apps support iPads now? If not, any Idea when this will be possible?

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