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PRO Version of AppMachine - Overview

The Pro version of AppMachine was first released in Feb 2014 and takes mobile app development to the next level. It includes all features from Basic and Plus versions, as well as:

  • Excel Import
  • Connecting web services
  • Adding JavaScript functionality
  • Forms (beta)

PRO Documentation

Here is an overview of the documentation of the PRO version:




Import Excel files



AppMachine supports a lot of different datatypes. Before you import an Excel file or web service, you should know which datatypes are supported.

List and Screen 
After you have imported data, you will normally need to design the layout of two blocks:

  • The List block, which shows all your items in a list. You will only show a small part of theinformation available.
    In the List block, you can add searching and filtering options. 
  • The Screen block, which shows the details of a selected item. This is the detailscreen.

  • If the data also contains data which corresponds with other blocks from AppMachine, you can show the data more intelligently using other AppMachine blocks.  If you have a list with people and you also have their Twitter account name, you can add a Twitter block which will show the Twitter timeline of every person in your app. It will make your app al lot more interesting to show the feed directly instead of just showing the twitter URL. Read all about using data from the list in other blocks. 

Design your own screens with the Layout editor
Design the layout of your list of data and the detailscreens using the Layout Builder, which lets you drag and drop Fields on the screen and set properties.
More experienced HTML-developers you can also design the screen using XML at the source tab of the layout editor. Here is a list of supported XML-tags. This editor supports code completion to make it even easier to know which commands are available. Changing the presentation of your date or text is also possible.
In the near future we will also make Logic available to add logic to buttons, fields an actions like Screen.Init etc.


Reuse layout with Link block
If you have multiple blocks in your app which will have the same layout and the same data, but with a different filter, you can use the Link block

Create your own forms
You can also create your own custom forms with an unlimited amount of fields. 



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