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  • Johan de Lange

    It would be nice to have more form elements like radio buttons as an example. On a phone based form you should try and limit the amount of typing and design something that allows the user to 'select' rather than 'type'.  Are you planning to add more elements like this soon?

  • Remco Boerma

    The submit button doesn't work in the emulator. Neither can i set any properties where to store the data so i can use this later on in a webservice. 

  • Remco Boerma

    +1 for Johan de Lange's comment.

  • Matthijs Koopman

    @Johan we've already included a dropdown / pickerwheel in the next release. And I will put the radio buttons on the list ;-) Thanks for your suggestions.

    @Remco if you would like to use your own web service to submit data, don't add a Form block but add a Web Service block, and make sure to set the HTTP Method to Post. Enter all the fields of your form as parameters for your Web Service.

  • Remco Boerma

    Thanks Matthijs, but what if i want the app to remember the entered data? Say for example when i ask the user to enter their hometown i want the app to remember that so that when the user goes to another tab to ask for details about the weather they get both their hometown and current locations weather (of course from a service). I don't want them to enter their hometown at every request.


  • Matthijs Koopman

    @Remco I'm happy to let you know that we are already working on this feature and it will probably be available in our next release.

  • Remco Boerma

    @Matthijs Sounds great! I'm eager to see the next release. 

  • man Rashid

    The image picker is working on iPhone previewer but not on android previewer. I tried on android 4.0 phone and samsung mega 4.22. Still waiting for solution in support.

  • Matthijs Koopman

    We have just released new versions of both the iOS and Android previewer (, can you please confirm the issue has been resolved in the Android previewer. If not please send us an email at and mention me (Matthijs Koopman).

    In our next version (1.0.4) of the Windows Phone Previewer we've also added full support for the Form block.

  • UUM Dev

    My apps only send email once. All sub sequence input doesn't works.

  • UUM Dev

    I prefer data not saved but sent directly to email.

  • Jon de Wit

    It's 6 months ago now since last post.
    I wonder whether it is now possible to receive the data in your e-mail inbox on submission? So not only by entering the appmachine.

    Also I'm not getting any notifications in the preview modus.

  • Douglas

    Hi Guys every time I use the dropdown box the information I captured disappears and I am doing this in Google Chrome as recommended. Why would this happend or should I change the value and and what should I change the value to?

  • Jessica Schultz

    I too keep getting my drop down data lost even if I save and save again. On a different note, is is possible to export all your submissions into one excel sheet for analyzing data. I only see how to export one at a time and this will not be sufficient. For instance if I have a short survey for each session of a conference, my client going to want to gather all this feedback into one sheet.

  • hussam jblawi

    about saving data offline when it can be available.
    (when user do not have internet can use App. when he get internet directly App make replication to AppMachine database)

  • Paulo Arthur C. Filho

    How can I reuse the information in the forms app?
    They appear in the "data tab" and are contained in a dataprovider but do not know which module to use to list them on the app itself


    is there anyway to make the dropdown able to do multiple selections?

  • Martijn Kiszelnik

    is it possible to make certain data required before sending? I would like to use it as an evaluation form and need some data to be mandatory. thank you

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Martijn,
    If you take a look at this screenshot you can see how to mark fields as required.

  • SK


    Anyone an idea how I can transfer the image over a restservice?

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