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Import your data via a web service



  • Remco Boerma

    Thank you for this feature! 

    Can you give a working example of a custom auth server since i can't find any documentation about that. Prefered are an example of the custom one and a working example of the custom oauth2 server so i know what the reqs are for the server part. 

    Will there be support for CAS2? 

    But first and foremost, can you give an example of an app in which the user enters credentials once and the app uses these to validate on the soap server, requesting the to reenter with expired credentials and so fort?


    The usecase:

    I have to offer students their grades. So i need to validate them once, check their password or exchanged secret periodically and send it with every soap request. 



  • Remco Boerma

    Note: the link to the general article redirects me to the datatypes article. 

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Remco,

    I will post an article on how to setup authentication with your web service soon. Once the article is available I will also update this article and refer to the documentation.

    Thanks for your input!

  • Beej

    If I leave the "Let the mobile device fetch the data..." checkbox checked, the web service shows an empty page. If I use exactly the same setup and uncheck that checkbox, the data shows just fine.

  • Hans Groeneveld

    How can I pass a search field text, entered by the user, to a input parameter?

  • Fernando Sérgio

    @Hans, if you put a <screen> block as a parent of your <webservice> block, it will be pre-filled with the parameters of your <webservice> as textFields along with a submit button. Just don't forget to set your queryStrings params (at <webservice> block) before that.

  • Jm Seigneur

    @Fernando the button on the parent cannot be clicked and does not run the Web service.


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