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Using a link or button to another block in the description area

Adding a link or button to another block can be useful in your app. This tutorial explains how to add a link or button in the text / description area in your app.

Adding a link or button to another block

In this case I will use the information page as an example. But it should work in other blocks too.

  • Click on the text area so you will see the WYSIWYG bar
  • Select the block selector button
  • Select the block you want to link to
  • A link is created in the text area

If you want a button in your text area

  • Select the html button
  • add the following code to your html
    <button type="button"> <a href="block://Video1">Video</a></button>

This will create a button with a link to a block with ID Video1

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    Дмитрий Золотухин

    Can I send any data to another form through the button?