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  • Acastro

    What should be entered in the website section of the create an application form?

  • Thomas W.

    The following was taken directly from the "Create an Application" form:

    "Your application's publicly accessible home page, where users can go to download, make use of, or find out more information about your application. This fully-qualified URL is used in the source attribution for tweets created by your application and will be shown in user-facing authorization screens.
    (If you don't have a URL yet, just put a placeholder here but remember to change it later.)"

    A placeholder URL can be just about anything. Use until you have established your own website.

  • Caroline

    What do I do if Twitter tells me the app name is already taken and I have to choose another one? Can I put a different name in Twitter than I'll be publishing to the stores?! My client doesn't want to change their app name. Thanks!

  • Caroline

    Arne answered this for me thanks! For anyone else with this question, the Twitter application name you input does NOT have the be the same as the mobile app's name. Thanks Arne! :)

  • Jeffery

    Here is the updated Twitter URL:

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