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  • tito santanna

    How can I use a scan block to scan a qr code, and then send the scanned value as the input parameter for a Web Service block.

  • Thomas W.

    @Roy: This is not possible with the QR Scanner feature.
    @Luca: This is already on our feature request list. I currently do not have any information about when or if this feature will be released.
    @Hussam: This is not possible with the QR Scanner feature.

  • Sebastian Forsman


    Would it be possible to include two or more filters in the QR code? For an example by using the AppMachine filter expressions and JSON:

      "list": "Flowers",
      "filter": "Category='Large' AND Shop='New York'"

    This could be stored in the QR code and would provide a lot more flexibility compared to the current way of storing hard coded list and filter field relations inside the block and then storing only the keyword in the QR code.


  • Luca Scrigna

    why not to add also a "normal" ean barcode scanner?

  • hussam jblawi

    i want when i scan a qr barcode, to save it a certain database of my app. How can i do that ?
    like Imagepicker, do we have QR picker??

  • Maria papa

    i want when i scan a qr barcode, to open a certain page of my app. How can i do that ?

  • tito santanna

    I have a webservice that takes an 8 digit integer (item code) and returns a specific item. Can I use the QR Scanner to scan a QR block containing the 8 digit integer, and get back a details page for that item? I know how to filter it if the webservice returns an entire list, but how do I pass a single value to a webservice using the QR scanner block?

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Maria,

    It's really easy. Just add a QR Scanner block to your app. Then generate a QR Code that contains the following JSON:

    "block":"Name of your block"

    Where you should replace "Name of your block" with the actual name of your block.

  • Roy

    Can I scan a url qr-code, and instead of opening a page, submit that url to an api, to collect data?

  • Matthijs Koopman

    Hi Tito,
    That's a good question. However at this moment we do not support this feature. If you would like we can put it on the list of feature requests?

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