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Shows an overview of a Facebook Page of your choosing. The Facebook Page in question will follow the design settings of your app. 


  1. Adding the Facebook building block
  2. Configuring the Facebook building block
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


The Facebook page is a great way of keeping in touch with your fans.

Adding the Facebook building block

  1. Click on Add block.
  2. Select the Facebook block and click Next.
  3. Fill in the url or name of your Facebook page. If entered correctly, you will see a preview of the Facebook page.
  4. When you’re done, click Finish.

Configuring the Facebook building block

The "Facebook" building block editor consists of two editing screens: "Settings", and "Design".

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.54.58.png

The settings in the "Settings" editing screen determine how your block will function, and the settings in the "Design" screen determine its aesthetics. 


There are several aspects of your "Facebook" block that can be changed in this screen:

  • the name of the block
  • the icon (or image) that will be used in the app menu
  • ask the user to like your Facebook page the first time he opens the Facebook menu item


Should the need arise to keep the users of your published app from using this portion of the app, then you can always make use of the "ON/OFF" sliding selector.

Slide the selector to "OFF" to keep users from seeing the "Facebook" block. Now you can continue developing your app without worrying about users coming upon areas that you haven't finished developing as of yet. Once you are satisfied with your progress, slide the selector back to "ON" to publish this portion of your app.


The "Design" screen allows your to make highly detailed changes to your building block. "Design" gives the developer a remarkable amount of freedom to adjust everything exactly as he or she would like it. If you'd like to know more about how "Design" works, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why aren't app users seeing any messages in the building block?

If you've entered a correct Facebook page but aren't seeing any messages or posts in the app then you should check your Facebook page's privacy settings. These need to be set to "Public" in order for these to be displayed in the app. 

- Can I use multiple "Facebook" building blocks in one app?

Yes! Just follow the same steps above for each Facebook account you'd like to add to the app.

- Can I add Facebook photo albums to my app?

Yes! Use the "Photo" building block and link it to your Facebook page.

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