• Sobari Tanuwijaya

    Is it possible to create a video block from the rss?

  • Thomas W.

    We do not offer a media-RSS option in our Video block. If your videos have been set up correctly, it should be able to load these in an RSS block.

  • Lars Bakker

    Is it possible to let them connect with a webcam with wifi? That they can add the url and stuff of the webcam?

  • Guy Yo

    Is it possible to play that youtube videos in app ? Without open the browser ?

  • Thomas W.

    @Guy Yes, you can use this block to play YouTube videos in the app.

  • Guy Yo

    @Thomas, can you give me the How-to of playing youtube vidéos in app ?
    I tried and didn't succeed. Clicking on the videos still lunch an external browser page.

  • Thomas W.

    @Guy YouTube videos will launch natively on iOS devices. Android devices will ask to launch the video in the YouTube app or in the browser.

  • Juan Pablo González

    Hi, i have a ploblem with the video block. The videos is opened in the browser. How do I make that video opens in the same application. In the tutorial contains a tool (general tab / content ) I guess is to choose how you want to display the video. but I have not. Thank

  • Skills Brasil

    Hello, is it possible to have the videos stored locally in the App? And not accessed only through internet access? tks

  • Thomas W.

    @Skills Brasil It is not possible to store videos locally

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