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Release Notes 2017-3-29

 New features:

- AdMob integration for ad monetization (iOS and Android 5.0 and higher)

This designer build will offer you the option to include AdMob ads in your app. You can add banners (top or bottom) or interstitial (between lists of content) ads to your app. More information about using this feature can be found here


- User Groups

AppMachine's "Lock" block offers a "User Groups" feature that allows you to create groups of registered users that can be granted access to specific blocks. More information about adding users to User Groups can be found here. Adding this feature to a published app will require a store update. 


Designer updates / fixes:


- App site: The template has been fixed to support showing longer app names as site title.


- Added scroll bar to make implementing 9+ parameters in Web Service block possible.

- Fixes in typing behaviour in the layout editor. Errors that lead to some loss of code while typing in the source screen of the layout editor have been resolved. 

- Required field Screen block update: Fields in a Screen block connected to a web service now respond to instructions for that field to be a required field.  

Mobile updates / fixes


- Searches in Excel or Web Service blocks can now exclude filter fields.

- Custom design fixes in multiple blocks.

- Tab bar menu design fixes.

- Coupon block text field now supports images. 


- Lingering issues related with permissions checks on Android devices have been resolved.

- An issue that prevented scrolling down all the way in some screens has been fixed.

- Event block issue that prevented locations from showing on the map has been fixed.


- An error that caused the Lock block from opening the correct screen has been resolved. 

- Crashes due to some screen transition animations in specific situations have been resolved.

- "Save Event" button in the Events block caused app crashes on some devices. 

- Social login and register buttons were not responsive in some cases. 

- QR scan block was fixed when scanning text codes.

- Date/Time picker fix in Form block in combination with a sliding menu.


- Added extra items to the user item template and web service parameters. For syntax, see below:

<container direction="vertical" version="3" min-height="44" margin="3">
  <label text="{user:email}" label="Email" margin="5"></label>
  <label text="{user:name}" label="Full name" margin="5"></label>
  <label text="{user:phone}" label="Phone" margin="5"></label>
  <label text="{user:agegroup}" label="Age Group" margin="5"></label>
  <label text="{user:gender}" label="Gender" margin="5"></label>

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    Thomas Waghubinger

    i think you mean {user:phoneNumber} instead of {user:phone}
    Or will this be changed in the designer later?